Monday, July 28, 2008

The Way to Your Heart Comic Review

The Way to You Heart © Emily Wilcken 


"Visual kei inspired manga about a girl prodigy named Yumi who literally bumps into the lives of a rising J-rock band named Orochi. As they're suddenly thrust into the same world, emotions run wild in a torrent of teenage angst and passion."

The story revolves around Yumi a girl who bumps into a J-rock band named Orochi. Now don't start thinking "Oh no not another Shoujo manga" This one is different. Well, not really its shoujo but its the finest that I've seen online. The characters are engaging and you won't believe the plot. Think Shakespeare's Veronica twist. Its like that, except no transvestites (at least not yet. It is Shoujo after all). Also, it has a compelling love and hate story between the main characters.

I have to admit in a few parts its a bit too, Fluff and the main character's action is pretty much driven by events rather than motive.

However; overall the story and art is beautiful and worth a mad (9/10)

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