Friday, February 6, 2009

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About comiXology™

Comixology™ brings Web 2.0 to the comic book market. It provides your weekly list of new releases in a format that allows you to view each issue individually, displaying cover art, credits, description, price, page count, and other information. Registered users can add items to a pull list, rate items using 'bag it' and 'burn it' buttons, and comment on items. The site will soon include weekly columns, blogs, and more.~ ComiXology | About Us


I’m a big fan of web 2.0 and how its capable of making life easier. I love comics but I don’t have the time to keep up with new releases. For years now I’ve stopped going to comic book stores and started using to find new reading material. Unfortunately, Amazon can be biased to what material I find. On comiXology all the big titles are fed when they are released and I can find new comics to read “pull them onto a list” or purchase right then and there.


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Easy Atomic Mess is a collective off all things geeky and stuff (Comics, manga, youtube, novels and others). Meaning this is a purely random blog. Keeping that in mind, sit back relax and enjoy our blog of all or most things geeky.

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