Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Comic Rack for Windows, (soon Linux and Maybe Mac?)

Reading online comics is very convenient. However, there is nothing like the feeling of having a copy as your own. On occasion reading online gives me the feeling as if I'm just borrowing the material. Sometimes having a copy completes me as a readier and makes me feel as if I am a collector of fine works. Also, it sucks to unzip large mangas just to read it in a photo viewer.

Here steps in comic rack. A comicbook reader in the style of itunes or your favorite music manager. Except is reads only comics.This is an amazing software. I can read ebooks in the formats of .....and pdf (limited). The software is amazingly light and there are a million ways to customize the screen. There is even an option for reading right to left comics. Its beautiful. The most impressive thing about the software is the fact that it updates. Its a live software with a dedicated programmer. Right now, I have it running on windows XP and I cant wait until it comes out on Linux.
All I have to do is install that on my Eee pc and life is good with me and my manga's.

Comic Rack Official Site


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