Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Liberal or Constervitive

I was having a conversation with a friend on the phone when he asked me what my political party was, I couldn't really answerer him because I had no idea who I could possibly affiliate myself with. So he rephrased the question to are you liberal or conservative. That didn't really help me me out much because I always thought of myself of a mesh between both. On economic issues I do like free businesses however I do want better health care and so on. However, I do find myself thinking that its rather odd for someone like me to be a mesh of both. Socially I should be as liberal I they come. For example, I'm a Black woman and I come from a poor social class. In addition, my parents were immigrants. I should be a scary liberal.

My family were immigrants who were never interested in US politics to the extent were they would associate themselves with a particular group. Well at least that's what they told me. Their political conversation always started with politics "back home". Then for some reason it would stir its way toward US politics and that's when all the fun would start. Everything they said I would try to take to opposite argument. And if they did they never discussed their opinions with me. I supposed that they assumed that whatever ideology they believed in we would some how counter it.

"Naturally, as people grow older, they become more independent of their parents in many ways, including politically" 

Voting was another issue.

"Among other significant differences, black young adults were far more likely that those ages fifty one to sixty-four to say that it is okay not to vote if you do not like any of the candidates".

So this left my peers to influence me a lot in my political views. I didn't take a serious interest in politics until I got into economics. In other words, I received my first check and finally understood fully the reason for income tax. At work, where I spend almost 45% of my time was one of my influences. The jobs I worked are bordering on minimum wage. With such a low income one can only afford the basic necessities. So the topic always sprung up when our paychecks came. This group pushed me toward the belief in lower income tax, benefits for low income workers. However, there were other people who I worked with who had parents to support them but they wanted to work. They quietly agreed with the majority.

"Class differences remain, of course. Unskilled workers are more likely that affluent white-collar workers to be democrats and to have liberal views on economic policy. And when economic issues pinch. At school many of my of my friends had the same view. "

The social class at my school pretty much dictates that the government should support and fund students opportunities that they would not get under any other circumstances. In other words, my class were pure liberals but some were a little bit like me.

"although more research is needed, there is evidence to suggest that while college students today are somewhat more conservative that students were two decades ago, their opinions are complicated in ways that defy simple categorization."

Personal gain On the other hand I also have a dream of owning my own business. If I want my house to sell in the future I want that to be done easily. I don't really enjoy red tape. It hinders progress. I consider myself to be very ideological. However, it don't mean I'm narrow minded, I like to be open minded. I always enjoy viewing the other side of an argument. So, this leaves my point of view to be ever changing.

"people can have an ideology without using the words liberal or conservative and without having beliefs that line up neatly along the conventional liberal-versus-conservative dimension".

I try very hard not to associate myself as either or because society is always changing along with the idea that does with the definitions. I do have my beliefs. I want to understand why things need to be done and how they are going to get done and if its actually a nessicary benefit. Right now because of my social class I'm leaning towards liberalism because right now that ideology is benefit to me. However, I also look towards my future in economics.


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