Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jack Frost Updates Again!



Jack Frost follows the story of Junoa, the new student at the creepy Amityville High School. Things start off rather poorly for Junoa as she quickly comes to realize that the school is not as it appears. Caught in an interschool war between Vampires, Monsters and other things that go bump in the night, she must quickly learn what her new role is, as the "mirror image," and how to handle the mysterious Jack Frost. - One Manga


The guys at Meep scans have been going all out on the jack frost updates.
A ton of chapters have been released! I have to say i like this volume.

So far what i am happy the female eye candy has been toned down. (its still there, i never really understood why manga/manwha/comics always has to degrade females so much.) Moving on, i have to say the action sequences are amazingly well done. usually when i look at some action sequential pages the movements are confusing. It becomes hard to understand what is going on. In Jack Frost's case its good that it isn't like that. There is a perfect flow the fight scenes are the best part of this mahnwa.

On plot development, it is moving along modestly, not too slow and not too fast but it could be a bit better. I still don't know much about the characters at all or the antagonist other than the fact that The mirror image and Jack are connected somehow. In the new and upcoming chapters I'm hoping to see more interaction between jack and the mirror image so i can get some insight of what that connection is.

Based on the overall quality of the scantilations I would defiantly buy the print version. Which will most likely happen due to Meeps decision to stop releasing scans (see this post)
However, there might be another group who will be taking up the project. Hopefully they will be just as good as Meep.

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Publishing Dates at Yen Press

JACK FROST Volume 1 | Coming May 2009  

JACK FROST Volume 2 | Coming November 2009


Chris 12:50 AM  

Another group??? Which one???

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